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Welcome to Korea Fr. Cedric Alimbuyong

Welcome to Korea Fr. Cedric Alimbuyong
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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Why this guide?

(Gabay sa OFW’S)

Q. Will the information that may be obtained from ERCOF be helpful to an overseas Filipino who does not have any intention of going into business or investing in the Philippines?
R. Yes, because ERCOF also features information which although not related to business or economic matters, may help one in avoiding or preventing a future or threatened legal or practical problem that could be a potential drain to finances. For instance, there is practical advice and information regarding the purchase of property, inheritance and tax matters, adoption, annulments of marriage, financial support, basic and practical matters relating to former Filipinos who are returning to or retiring in the Philippines such as on dual citizenship, visas and immigration matters, ownership of property, practice of profession, and many other matters which continue to be the frequent topics of inquiry by overseas Filipinos.

Q. Why do overseas Filipinos need business information or advice?
R. There are many overseas Filipinos, particularly the contract or temporary workers, who send money to their relatives that is intended to start a small business. Some studies have indicated that many of these small businesses fail due to the lack of business knowledge or discipline.

For Filipino workers who have stayed or worked overseas for many years, it is important to obtain prior information in order to update themselves with current regulations and conditions. It is also important to look forward and save in anticipation of investing in a source of livelihood upon return.

Q. What business information does ERCOF provide?
A. It provides the basic and practical information that one needs to know in choosing a particular business, the various permits and legal and government procedures in registering the business or guidance in claiming incentives or exemptions under existing laws, and in some cases, provide information on specific businesses or business conditions in a particular locality or province, as its data base or consultants may provide. Beyond this, ERCOF may also provide a linkage or referral to any of its Philippine based partners, in case more extensive advice or consultation is requested for a specific business or legal problem. For instance, ERCOF has a legal pool of practicing lawyers with experience in various areas of the law. ERCOF also hopes to finalize a proposed partnership with the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, in order to link Overseas Filipinos to legal assistance anywhere in the Philippines.
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