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Welcome to Korea Fr. Cedric Alimbuyong

Welcome to Korea Fr. Cedric Alimbuyong
Fr. Cedric replaces Fr. Dong Marcaida. Have a happy, fruitful and blessed days with us all!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Mga kapatid sa pagdiriwang ng Linggo ng Misyong Pilipino, itaas natin sa Diyos and lahat ng Gawain ng Mission Society of the Philippines (MSP).

Ipanalangin natin ang lahat ng misyonerong Pilipino na buong pusong nag-aalay ng sarili para ipalaganap ang kaharian ng Diyos sa bawat sulok ng daigdig at akayin ang lahat sa piging ng Panginoon.



Today, we remember in our prayers and sacrifices the Filipino Diocesan Priest-Missionaries of the Mission Society of the Philippines. Collections are to be made in all Sunday Masses-including the Saturday evening Masses.

The Mission Society of the Philippines is a Society of Filipino Catholic missionary priests which is committed to share the gift of faith to Asia and to the rest of the world. Having been established by the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), the MSP serves as the chief, missionary arm of the Catholic Church of the Philippines.

The MSP is now 43 years old and at present, she works in the following countries: Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Australia, the Netherlands, England, Guyana and the United States of America.

The last Sunday of July has been celebrated by the Catholic Church of the Philippines as the Fil-Mission Sunday. In remembering the MSP missionaries, we offer prayers as well as material offerings for them. If you are a young man aged 18-26 years, college student or young professional, open to new ideas, culture and other religious beliefs and having a deep sense of mission, an ability to live in community and most of all...a deep longing to follow Christ, the greatest missionary.

We are happy to have received the Catholic faith. We are thankful to God for this received gift of faith. We will share this gift of faith to our Asian neighbors and to the rest of the world.

Your donations will help us continue doing the Mission of Christ!


· Fr. Glenn Flies to the U.S.A. The second MSP missionary to the North America has left last July 7, 2008. Fr. Glenn Giovanni Jaron, MSP will join Fr. Alfie Africa in the new US mission in Sacramento, California. Fr. Glenn spends a few days in South Korea, his former mission assignment for a medical check up. He departed Korea to the US last July 11, 2008.

· Fr. Go Llubit, MSP leaves for Cook Islands.
The MISSION SEND-OFF rites for Fr. Gorgonio “Go” Llubit, Jr., MSP took place last June 10, 2008 at the MSP Central House Chapel. The ceremonies were witnessed by the Central House residents, some seminarians and lay friends. Fr. Go expressed his excitement to be sent to the Cook Islands, although he was also aware the challenges and difficulties he may encounter there.
To :All MSP Members
From: Rev. Fr. Socrates Mesiona
MSP Father Moderator

This coming July 27, 2008 we will celebrate Fil_Mission Sunday. As you all know this day is allotted for us in the Mission Society of the Philippines. Hence, it is our day!

In this regard, may I ask you to support the activities and programs organized by the National Promotion Office. Please do not hesitate to lend a helping hand to make the celebration a success.

Likewise, I also encourage those working overseas to make activities and programs in your respective areas to celebrate Fil-Mission Sunday.

The theme for this year’s celebration is ”Celebrating and Appropriating Paul’s Passion for Mission in Asia and Beyond.

Christy Maria Ajima Annyong!

By Adjushi Kwentsanayo

Christy Maria Ajima tsongmal nomo oreganman eyeyo!
Tangshinul Pilipinuro kanungu na otokke?
Tsom pugosipunundae anneyeyo.
Saranghagu puepkkesumnida.

Chrsity Maria Ajima nomo tsoa. Singgak manne issumnida...
tangshinol Pilipin eso nomo moroyo.
Aygu! Nanun katsi kagu sipuyo.
Nanun yokwon opsumnida.

Christy Maria Ajima mannasu pangapsumnida.
Christy Maria Ajima Annyong haekaseyo tu puayo.
Kamsa hamnida.

The Night I Saw You Crying

By: ed j. titular

Lying on the white sand all alone
thinking of you from nowhere
those laughs and those noise that you bring
makes me realized that now I am nothing.

It’s just only yesterday
when I know you someone
I dreamed to be with
someone who could make me smile
though I’m sad for your presence.
..create a rainbow in me.

Where are those touches that I used to be?
Those sweet caress that I’ve never been before with you,
all are incomparable and misleading maybe somehow,
someday time will annex our yesterday.

In a different sphere
I have you a moment of unforgiving...
maybe all has its own dimension
and that I was blind on that very momentum.

Maybe all that happened has its own reason
those times where uncontrolled emotion overflowin’
I’m very sorry for all those times……………
those time……especially the night
I saw you crying.

Mag-ingat sa Food Poisoning

Habang tumataas ang temperature sa buwan ng Hulyo, dumadami rin ang peligro sa pagkakaroon ng food poisoning. Ayon sa pananaliksik na isinagawa ng Korea Food and Drug Administration, ang food poisoning na naranasan sa buwan ng Mayo at Hunyo ay pareho sa Hulyo at Agosto. Subalit dahil sa kawalan ng ingat, hinde nilalagay ng mga tao ang kanilang mga pagkain sa refrigerator tuwing tag-init na nagiging dahilan ng pagiging malapit nila sa pagkakaroon ng food poisoning.

Ang food poisoning ay karaniwang makikita sa pamamagitan ng pagsuka, sakit sa ulo at pagkahilo, Madaling gamutin kung agad malalapatan ng lunas. Mayroong mga kaso kung saan ang enteritis o diarrhea at sakit sa tiyan ay nagiging malubha. Huwag magugulat kung makakaranas ng diarrhea at pagsusuka dahil nilalabas nito ang mga toxins, na natural na reaksyon ng katawan, subalit kung ang dehydration o ang mataas na lagnat ay magpatuloy, mas makabubuting magtungo agad sa doctor.

Upang maiwasan ang food poisoning, napakahalagang hugasan ang mga kamay ng mabuti. Siguraduhing malinis ang mga kamay bago magluto at kumain. Una, hugasan ang mga gamit sa pagluluto at i-sterilize ang mga kutsilyo, sangkalan at dish towel, ang paggamit din ng chlorine bilang disinfectant ay possible.

Iwasan ang pagkain ng hilaw na isda at tinadtad na hilaw na karne ng baboy. Palagiang ilagay ang pagkain sa refrigerator at kapag nadefrost ito, kainin ito agad at huwag muling ibalik sa freezer. Kumpirmahin lagi ang expiration date ng mga pagkain at huwag kainin ito kung expired na.
(Reprinted from MigrantOK)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CFCC Community Summer Outing Held

It was raining when 129 participants of the Changhyun Filipino CatholicCommunity (CFCC) departed Songsaeng, Kongdan in the afternoon of July 12, 2008 bound for Jumunjin, Kangwondu province. The three bus load of commuters fixed their navigational map on the way to the beach.. Everybody was overjoyed and excited to wash their tired bodies offshore. Travelling with high spirits divided into three teams (Blue, White and Red), the group was full of excitements with matching vedeoke singing renditions along the way. Merienda was serve “panawid gutom” while travelling. Travel time was estimated to last four hours. We had two stop over to relieve our tired bodies and do some adjustments inside a modern comfort rooms.

The first trial came into the heels when we failed to locate the camping site. We pass by Jumunjin church but the door locked and it was already midnight. Fr. John of the Guri Migrants center was our savior when he called up and instructed the drivers where to go. Upon arrival, the murmurs and complaints was overheard because what we expect was far beyond. The place was on top of the mountain, a camping site for parishioners. Hungry and angry of what had happened, we took our late dinner and celebrate the Holy Eucharist at 2:00am. Some where shouting “napeke tayo, ang sarap matulog sa bahay bakit ditto tayo ang daming lamok? It was already July 13, the second day of community outing.

After breakfast, everybody went to the beach and we enjoy the clear and beautiful Jumunjin beach. The frustrations and complains was changed into admiration-thanking God for a wonderful day. The one shouting “napeke tayo” changed his slogan into “wow ang ganda pala” It was an experience worth remembering.

A Pinoy Abroad Tribute

. News
- CBCP urges gov’t to teach natural family planning.
- Bulacan cries foul on water misdeal.
· Sulu oil exploration only after “super profits.
· Rights group slams Saudi “slave” treatment of migrant women.
· Metro
- First cybercrime case for 2008 filed at DOJ.
- Smart tests RP waters for all-in-one messaging
- Filipino team winsJava award for medical solution
- 22 other sea vessels sunk by Typhoon “Frank”.
- Bajas got P250.00 in exchange for work in US- accuser.

· Regions
- Full ratification of ASEAN charter expected.
- Thailand spearheads Asian hopes in the Olympic ring
- Gov’t expects budget deficit of 0.5% of GDP in 2009
- Gov’t lowers growth forecasts for next 2 years.
- Willie told: Be fair in Wowowee.

· World
- Romanian doctor fined for cutting off man’s penis.
- Rights group slams Saudi “slave” treatment of migrant women.
- Bangko Sentral says policy bias will lean towards tighten ing.
- UN, EU experts to asses toxic cargo of sunken ship.
· Sports
- Pacquiao as RP’s Olympic flagbearer.
- USA set to defend Olympic medal supremacy in Beijing.
- Filipino, 5 other torchbearers bring love to China kids.
- China emerging power in tennis.
- Arroyo names Pacquiao envoy to Beijing Olympics.
· Editors’ Note: articles published in this page are uploaded from inq7.net and abscbn.com.

My Love, My Fate

By: Shiony Maranan

S—Staring at you everytime I see you,
H—Half in shadow, half in light.
I—I’ve been trying to hide all my love for you.
O—oh well, I can’t...I can’t live without you
G—Giving my life to the only person my heart’s knew
I—Is the only thing I want to do…
L—Loving you for the rest of my life is my fate.

I know deep down in my heart
We’re destined to have each other
Having you by my side
I’ll forget everything in a single stride
No matter what it takes
Wether everything around us fades.


By: ed j. titular

Flashing lights along the railway
the silence of the night seems so scary
nobody wants to stand for all the calm
like running water all has the way
Scream. everyone wants to be free
the night is over and nobody got his share.

Innocent as nobody shows care
fair must be to make you happy
smile, for there’s always a sunny day
the door is ajar and you have your way
erase those tears and have that love
for only love...can drive you away.

Seems everyone is hanging and floating
to be there I sjust reach out and be true
unsure about tomorrow is what you feel
the crazy world is now fading
And lightning over joys one’s emptiness
But, why I’m still alone after all these years?
For the reason of my existence still hold bars.

Now I realized that one must move on
Life is full of enchantments as long as I’m here
And that stormy clouds have their smiles
And together hand in hand we’ll cross it over
For far across there is an eternal flame
And that dark shadows find its way no more.

Breaking that rule is sometimes worth for
And knowing there must be always so dear
The way is endless and full of sentiments
Break not your heart till the end
For flowers blooms in every second
But being young and smooth means all around.

How I wish I could told stories where I begin
For scattered leaves fills me even I’m done
Next in line I’ll be on my way
And hopeless moments become so shy
Lifeless… and you’re just goodbye
And that mob becomes a bum gradually
Until I realized that I’m just dreaming...

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