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Welcome to Korea Fr. Cedric Alimbuyong

Welcome to Korea Fr. Cedric Alimbuyong
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Return From the Gates of Hell (11th of a Series)

Colombia, South America Interview of Dr. Gloria Polo
by Radio Maria

I saw in the book of life and it hurt me deeply when I saw a fourteen-year old girl aborting because I had taught her. When one is poisoned nothing good remains. Everything that comes close to you is also spoiled. There were these girls, three of them my nieces and the other one, my nephew’s girlfriend. Their parents would let them come to my house because I had money and talked to them about fashion, glamour, how to show their bodies, and so on. My sister would send them to me. I corrupted them. I corrupted minors’ that was a horrible sin, compounding abortion. I would tell them not to be innocent. Your mothers talk to you about virginity and chastity because they’re outdated. They talk about a 2000 year old Bible but priests have refused to come to terms with the modern world. Your mothers talk about what the Pope says, but the Pope is outdated. Imagine how poisonous! I taught these girls they had to enjoy their bodies but that they had to do contraception. I taught them the perfect woman? method. That 14 year old, my nephew’s girlfriend, came to my office one day (I saw this in the book of life) and in tears told me Gloria, I’m just a baby and I’m pregnant!? I scolded her and told her didn’t I teach you about contraception?? She replied? Yes, but it didn’t, work!? Then I saw how the Lord had put that girl there so she wouldn’t sink in the abyss, so she wouldn’t abort. Abortion is a heavy chain that drags and tramples, it is a hurt that never ends. It’s the emptiness of being a murderer. It’s the worst thing one can do to a child. As to that girl, instead of talking to her about the Lord, I gave her money to have an abortion at a good place so she wouldn’t have any complications later on in life. Just like that one, I sponsored several abortions. Each time the blood of a baby is spilled, it’s like a holocaust to Satan. It is a holocaust which hurts and shakes the Lord. In the book of life I saw how our soul is formed the moment the sperm and the egg touch. A beautiful spark is formed, a light beaming from the sun of God the Father. As soon as the womb of a mother is impregnated, it lights up with the brightness of that soul. When there is an abortion, that soul screams and moans in pain even if it has no eyes or flesh. When it is being murdered that cry is heard and heaven shakes and an equally strong cry is heard in hell, but this time of joy . Immediately after that happens, some seals break loose in hell and larvae come out to continue prowling around humankind, keeping it enslaved to the flesh and to all those bad things we see and the worse that will come. Because, how many babies are killed on a daily basis? And it is a victory for him. The price of innocent blood releases one more demon each time. I got washed in that blood and my clean soul became absolutely dark. After those abortions,

...To be continued

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