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Welcome to Korea Fr. Cedric Alimbuyong

Welcome to Korea Fr. Cedric Alimbuyong
Fr. Cedric replaces Fr. Dong Marcaida. Have a happy, fruitful and blessed days with us all!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Return From the Gates of Hell (12th of a Series)

Colombia, South America Interview of Dr. Gloria Polo by Radio Maria

After those abortions, I had no more sense of sinfulness. For me, everything was okay. It was sad to see how all those debts I owed the devil included as well all those babies I had killed myself because I had a copper-T intrauterine device. I painfully saw how many little babies had been created and those suns had burst, with the cry of that baby being torn away from the hands of his Father God. No wonder I was always sour and ill-tempered, with a grim face, frustrated with everyone and very depressed. I had become a baby-killing machine! And that sank me deeper into the abyss. How could I say I hadn’t killed? How about every person I disliked, hated, or simply couldn’t put up with? I was being a murderer there too, because people don’t only die from a gunshot. It’s enough to hate them, to do bad things to them, to be envious of them. You kill with that. As far as the sixth commandment is concerned I thought? They can’t find any dirt here; I didn’t have any affairs and I’ve only had one man, my husband, my entire life? Then they showed me that each time my chest was showing and I was wearing leotards I was inciting other men to look at me and have impure thoughts and I would make them sin. That’s how I fell into adultery. I would advise women to be unfaithful to their husbands. I would advise against forgiveness and would encourage divorce. That was enough to commit a horrible adultery. And I realized the sins of the flesh are horrendous and condemning even if the world says they’re cool and that we should keep on behaving like animals. Sadly, I let go of the hand of the Lord, because we sin in thought, soul, and actions. It was painful to see how all that sin, for example the sin of my father’s adultery, damaged and tore apart his children. It made me resentful against men and it made my brothers into three identical copies of my dad, happy to be womanizers and drunkards? They didn’t realize how much they were harming their children. That’s why my dad would cry with so much hurt seeing how his sin had been inherited in them and in his daughter, damaging God’s work. On the seventh commandment, regarding not stealing, I considered myself very honest. The Lord showed me that while food was being wasted in my house, the rest of the world was going hungry. He told me? I was hungry and look what you did with what I gave you and how you would squander it. I was cold and see how you became enslaved to fashion and appearance, wasting lots of money in treatments to look thinner. In other words, you made a god out of your body. He showed me I was guilty of the misery of my country and that I did have a lot to do with it. He showed me how every time I gossiped about someone I stole his honor. It would have been easier to steal money from someone, because at least I could have…
...To be continued

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