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Welcome to Korea Fr. Cedric Alimbuyong

Welcome to Korea Fr. Cedric Alimbuyong
Fr. Cedric replaces Fr. Dong Marcaida. Have a happy, fruitful and blessed days with us all!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Return From the Gates of Hell (5th of a Series)

Colombia, South America Interview of Dr. Gloria Polo by Radio Maria

I started yelling daddy, mommy, please take me out of here, I beg you, take me out of When here!? When the lowered eyes and my dad saw me there, you should have seen the immense pain they felt. In that place, you feel people’s feelings, you can see pain. My dad started crying, holding his head with his two hands and shaking? My daughter, my daughter!? My mom was praying and noticed they could not take me out and that my pain was compounded noticing they were sharing that pain with me there.
So I started screaming again, please, take me out of here, I’m a Catholic! Who made this mistake? Please, take me out of here!? As I was shouting this second time, a voice was heard, a sweet voice, a voice that makes my soul shakes when I hear it. Everything was inundated with love and peace and all those creatures ran away in horror because they don’t stand love or peace. And there was peace for me when that precious voice called out to me? All right, if you are a Catholic, tell me the commandments of God’s law. What a failed attempt! I knew there were ten, but nothing beyond that. What was I going to do? My mom always talked to me about the first commandment of love.
Finally it paid out. Finally my mom’s chatter became useful. I had to repeat mom’s chatter? Here. I thought I could wing this one so the others wouldn’t show too much. I thought I could handle things here the way I used to on earth, always with a perfect excuse, always justifying and defending myself so no one would notice what I didn’t know. But this was the real thing, so I started to say? Love God above all and your neighbor as yourself. ? Very well claim I had an iron will, that nothing was too much for me. But that was useless now, because I wanted to climb up and I couldn’t. At that point I saw a huge mouth opening up on the floor and I felt immense emptiness in my body, a bottomless abyss. The most horrifying thing, I heard? Have you loved them? And I said? I have, I have, I have!? When I Heard? No!? For an answer, that’s when I really felt the shock of lightning run through me even though I hadn’t noticed where the bolt had hit me. No, you haven’t loved your Lord above all things, and much less your neighbor as yourself! You made a god that you adjusted to your life on when in moments of desperate need! You would prostrate yourself before him when you were poor, when your family was humble, when you wanted to go to college! Back then you prayed on a daily basis and you would prostrate long periods of time,
...To be continued

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