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Welcome to Korea Fr. Cedric Alimbuyong

Welcome to Korea Fr. Cedric Alimbuyong
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Sunday, June 1, 2008


Adopting Filipino children

3. Attach to the Petition the Official Receipt indicating that the applicant has paid the one-time fee of P2,500.00 or US$50.00 or its equivalent in foreign currency;

4. Submit together with the Petition the National Statistics Office (NSO)-authenticated copy of his or her birth certificate. In cases of a former natural-born citizen, who were born abroad, the original copy of the Report of Birth issued by the Philippine Foreign Post and in applicable cases, the birth certificate issued by competent foreign authorities must be submitted; and

5. Attach to the Petition a signed Oath of Allegiance.

If after evaluation the Petition is found to be sufficient in form and substance, the evaluating officer shall submit the findings. If filed in the Philippines—to the Commissioner of Immigration or if filed overseas, to the Consul General.

In case the Petitioner is in the Philippines, the Oath of Allegiance shall be administered by the Commissioner of Immigration or any authorized officer assigned by the Commissioner. In case the Petitioner is abroad, the Oath shall be administered by the Consul General or a duly commissioned foreign service officer of the Philippine Foreign Post concerned.

Q. How long does the process of citizenship reacquisition take?
A. Our experience indicates that a Petition filed by overseas Filipinos in the Philippine Embassy or Consulate nearest to their [place of residence is processed faster than the same being filed with the Bureau of Immigration.

Q. What if the minor is accompanied with either of his/her parents, is a travel clearance required?
A. In this situation, a Parental Travel Permit must be executed by the parent left behind. A Parental Travel Permit is a duly notarized written permission given by the biological or adoptive parent left behind or who is not in the company of the minor, allowing the said minor to travel with accompanying parent.

Q. Who may file an Application for a Travel Clearance?
A. The Application may be submitted/filed by any of the following:
1. A minor who is at least thirteen (13) years of age;
2. The minor’s parent/s or legal guardian;
3. The minor’s traveling companion; or
4. The authorized representative of the parent/legal guardian.

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