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Welcome to Korea Fr. Cedric Alimbuyong

Welcome to Korea Fr. Cedric Alimbuyong
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Adopting Filipino children

(Gabay sa OFW’S)

4. For adopted minors
A. Certified Copy of the Adoption Decree
B. Clearance form the Office of the Solicitor General if the adoption was promulgated less than 15 days when the application for clearance was made
5. For minors under guardianship
A. Certified Copy of the Letter of Guardianship/Court Order
B. Certification from the DSWD Regional/Field Office that the guardianship was processed according to law
6. For minors who are 13 years old and above who are traveling alone
A. Duly notarized Affidavit stating that the minor shall be fetched at the airport by the sponsor
B. Certification for unaccompanied minors from the airlines
7. For minors studying abroad—Accep0tance from the school where the child is to be enrolled
8. For minors attending conferences, study tours, etc. — Certification from sponsoring organization
9. For subsequent travels,
A. Certificate of travel previously issued
B. Notarized Affidavit of Consent from parents/guardians authorizing a particular person to accompany the minor in his travel abroad
C. Photocopy of Passport and Visa of the traveling companion

Q. What are other requirements to accompany the Application?
R. The Application must include the following documents:
1. Birth Certificate of the applicant/s;
2. Marriage contract or divorce decree, if applicable;
3. Written consent, in the form of a sworn statement, from the applicants biological or adopted children above ten years of age;
4. Physical, medical, and psychological evaluation by a duly licensed physician and psychologist;
5. Income tax return or any document indicating financial capability of the applicant;
6. Police clearance of the applicant;
7. Applicant’s character reference from the local church/minister, the applicant’s employer, and a member of the immediate community who personally knows the applicant for at least 5 years; and
… to be continued

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