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Welcome to Korea Fr. Cedric Alimbuyong

Welcome to Korea Fr. Cedric Alimbuyong
Fr. Cedric replaces Fr. Dong Marcaida. Have a happy, fruitful and blessed days with us all!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Return From the Gates of Hell (4th of a Series)

Colombia, South America Interview of Dr. Gloria Polo by Radio Maria

I went into some tunnels heading downward. At first, they had light and looked like bee hives. There were lots of people. But I started descending and light became scarce and I started roaming some tunnels in pitch darkness. That darkness has no comparison. The darkest darkness on earth is like noontime sunlight compared to it. That darkness cause pain, horror, and shame. And it smells very bad. I finished descending down those tunnels and landed desperately on a flat spot. I used to claim I had an iron will, that nothing was too much for me. But that was useless now, I was grabbed by my feet. My body was inside that hole, but my feet were being pulled from the top. It was a very painful and horrifying moment. My atheism fell to the wayside. I started clamoring for the souls in was useless now, because I wanted to climb up and I couldn’t. At that point, I saw a huge mouth opening up on the floor and I felt immense emptiness in my body, a bottomless abyss. The most horrifying thing about that hole was that not even a bit of God’s love was felt in it, not a drop of hope. The hole sucked me in and I felt terrified. I knew that if I went in there, my soul would die. In the midst of that horror, as I was being pulled purgatory to help me out of there. As I was shouting I felt intense pain because I realized that thousands and thousands of people are there, mostly young people. Very painfully, I heard the gnashing of teeth, horrible screams and moans that shook me to the core. It took me several years to assimilate this because I would cry every time that I remembered their suffering. I realized that’s where people who commit suicide in an instant of desperation end, finding themselves surrounded by those horrors. But the most terrible torment there is the absence of God. God couldn’t be felt there. In the midst of all that pain, I started screaming? Who made this mistake? I’m practically a saint! I’ve never stolen, I’ve never killed. I gave food to the poor; I gave free dental treatments to those who couldn’t afford them. What am I doing here? I went to Mass on Sundays. I always went even though I considered myself an atheist. I didn’t miss more than five Sundays my entire life. I always went to Mass, what am I doing here? I’m a Catholic, please, I’m a Catholic, take me out of here!? While I was screaming about being a Catholic I saw a tiny light. I need to tell you that any light in that darkness is the best gift anyone can get. I saw some stairs over that hole and I saw my Dad, who had died five years before, next to the hole, lit by a faint light, and four steps higher I saw my Mom, with plenty more light and in a prayerful posture. When I saw them I was very happy. I started yelling ….To be continued

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